I’ve been in customer service type jobs for the past 20+ years. I’ve been in sales. I’ve been the person who answers the help line, the team lead who handles the small stuff, up to the team manager who takes care of the big issues.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been in Operations, behind the scenes, helping the ‘machine’ do it’s thing. And something I’ve noticed. All the service skills I developed helping the ‘client’ are still just as important, if not more so, when dealing with internal customers. It has been said before, and it needs saying again: Everyone’s a customer!

As communications becomes faster, more immediate, and more personal, customer service becomes more and more vital to maintaining a high level, professional, corporate presence. You can reach customers so many ways, Twitter, Facebook, text, email, blogs. Just because you can ping your buddy down the hall via your Smartphone, check your vendor’s Twitter account, it becomes too easy to become casual. Don’t let it happen. That’s your customer!

On this blog, I’ll post my thoughts and opinions on what I think makes good customer service, from my experience, knowledge, and skills.

You are my customer! Welcome!


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