So I have this spiffy tablet. What do I do with it? Well, one thing I thought of is updating the blog. It has been a very long time since I posted. Since my last post, I’ve changed jobs (twice), and left my ideas on customer service in a small room in the back of my mind. The ideas still percolate, but even in the past two years tech has leapt forward in degrees of magnitude. My 4th grader has a school issued iPad. I have multpile smartphones,  since I must be available for work at the drop of a hat. Even though in six months the only reason my work phone rings is because I have my desk phone forwarded. Tech is still taking over, but in a much more controlled, thoughtful manner.

Where two years ago everyone had full admin rights to their work machine, that is changing, going back to where you only get the software the company thinks you need. And 99% of the time, the company is right. I keep seeing BYOD is the wave of the future, but I’m not so sure. Your own device=security risk. Things seem to be circling back to more rigidly controlled, less freewheeling. It makes sense, both from an info sec standpoint and a dollars standpoint. Less risk, less money spemt on compliance issues, or dead machines because that link from a buddy was really phishing and you got infected.

Hmmm. Not bad for a first post from a 7″ tablet sitting and drinking coffee.


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