It’s been a long time since last post…

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. As happens, life reared up the ugly head and my time became monopolized for other things. I’ve seen people use the term ‘real life’ but, that’s the whole point of a blog, right? It’s about ‘real life’, just jotted down on the web.

During my time away, I got to thinking about the what arguably could be the most important, but also most fluid of all the posts regarding customer service, the ‘HOW’.

What really got me thinking about the HOW is how do I handle customer service now, and the differences between how I actually do it compared to how I would teach other people. Realized how I would teach is not how I’m doing it right now. So, added bonus for myself, train myself to do it in the HOW method I think it should be done. I know that teaching oneself isn’t the best way to identify gaps or logical jumps. But, it is a start.

Before I put up my next post to really dig into the HOW, I’m going to work up an outline, using my day to day work life and make note of gaps in how I’m doing it, how I would do it differently, and work up from there.

Goal is the same, but has been redefined, and refined. Now to start the steps to attaining that goal.

Step one taken…


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