The 5 W’s of Great!! Service – When

When do you give your very best customer service?

Each and every interaction with a customer. Easy, right?

So, should every interaction be worthy of fanfares, confetti, leaving the customer with the feeling they’ve just won a world championship?

Well, no. That’s not possible.

Not every customer interaction is going to give you that opportunity.

Every customer interaction will give you the chance to excel at anticipating customer needs, being proactive, professional, adding value for the customer, and leaving the customer with a solid sense of confidence in you, your ability, and the company you represent.

The opportunity may come at lunch, walking through the mall, grocery shopping. You might get a phone call on the weekend, especially if it’s end of month, quarter, or year, then it’s ‘all hands on deck’ to get everything taken care of.

That’s the time. Not just when you’re sitting at your desk.

Treat each new interaction as an opportunity to employ your skills, stretch your ‘customer service’ wings. Keep on pushing yourself, and every time you’ll give great customer service.


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