Let’s step over here for a moment…

So, today brought up a great opportunity for some on the spot training for dealing with internal customers.

Are your internal customer’s important? Is it important to treat co-workers like customers, give them your best customer service? Well, you see those people every day, you deal with them every day. So, do they get less, or more service? Less, because, hey, you’ll see them tomorrow, and make it up then. More, because you’ll see them tomorrow and maybe give you great service in return?

I lean towards the ‘more’ side. The customers I deal with every day deserve the best service I can give. Not only because I’ll see them tomorrow, and they’ll remember, but because it builds a solid relationship that only strengthens your customer service relationship.

So, the training aspect. Not so much training, as a reminder. For myself as well as all of you out there.

I’m sure you’ve encountered that person that absolutely rubs you the wrong way, no matter what. You just can’t talk to them, they are always right, they know more, etc, etc. Dealing with that person makes your teeth itch, your ears grind…. you get the picture? So, how do you give that sort of person great customer service?

The same as everyone else. Thing is, they may not think of it that way. While you’re busily working away, researching, putting in effort, you get an email written under the assumption you’re not doing anything at all. See that wall? You’re driving up it right about now, huh?

This is where it pays to be patient, do all the things you would for your favorite customer. Great customer service is part of the job, and doing the job right means work, effort. Not just doing the job, but dealing with people. Maintaining that professional attitude. There will be instances where you get angry enough your eyeballs shake. It’ll happen, if it hasn’t already. Do the job, give your very best customer service, even when it isn’t recognized, and then take a break. A short walk, stretch, disengage for a few minutes. Get centered.

That one person may not recognize the effort, but others will. As long as you recognize the effort, you’ve accomplished to goal of giving great customer service.


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