The 5 W’s of Great!! Service – Where

So, where do you give great customer service? Wherever you are, of course.

Really, there ‘where’ of customer service is not nearly as important as the other 4 W’s, and of course, the H, How.

But where you give great customer service goes with you. It doesn’t always mean only at your desk, or in front of your computer during business hours. If you’re up to get something from the break room, or maybe step outside to have a smoke, or just taking a walk to stretch, and someone asks you a question about Mr. Customer, or case number 12345, it’s still time to give great customer service.

The 5 W’s of great customer service are all tying together. I’m sure you noticed that already.

Let’s say you are in the break room, getting a coffee refill, and a team manager asks you about the case for Mr. Customer, would you really say, “Oh, I’m not at my desk, so I can’t help you?” Well, of course not. You might say that you’ll look up that information and get back with that manager. Remember, that manager is also your customer. Same if a co-worker asks. They just had Mr. Customer on the phone, and this new issue has come up, what do you know about it. It is your responsibility to give your co-worker great service, so they in turn can go back to Mr. Customer and give equally great service.

So what about if you’re out running errands on a Saturday afternoon, and see the boss. The boss might have a question about an issue from Friday. It’s Saturday, you’re not near your tools. Is this an appropriate place for great customer service? Absolutely! Even if you can’t recall every single detail, give the boss what do you recall, make a note on your Droid-iBerry, and follow-up next chance you get.

You DO have a smartphone of some sort, right? If not, I highly recommend it. I am partial to Android, but I’m sure you’ll find one right for you. (Go Android!)

What I’m saying is there’s always a tool at hand to help you give great service. A smartphone, or just a simple piece of paper and a pencil. The most important tools are YOUR brain and YOUR attitude. Keep those in tip-top shape, and no matter where you are, you’ll give great customer service!



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