The 5 W’s of Great!! Service – Why

The WHY of great customer service. Why do it? Why is it important?

From a purely financial reason, it helps retain and bring in new business. As you or your company gain a reputation as a reputable, solid, top notch organization, new business will come your way. Your reputation spreads by word of mouth, Twitter updates, social media postings, emails, etc.

Word of mouth advertising is free, difficult to track, and by far the most effective means of advertising there is. The word will get out, in various means, and in today’s constantly in touch world, the word travels fast. So, what words do you want following you and your company?

Great service is important because, in my opinion, it’s half the reason, or more, I buy any particular product. In the long run, if I know I’m going to get great service from a company or store, I’ll frequent that store more often. This weekend, I had to fix my fence. Not such a big job, but I needed screws. Two places I could go for screws, I chose the one that’s got a big orange box in the logo. The reason being, on a previous trip I was looking into what tools and materials I would need to do some repairs to the ceiling in my garage.

One of the employees there noticed I was looking at drywall saws, and asked if I needed help. I explained my goal, and he not only made recommendations on the manufacturer he’d use himself, but also went on to make suggestions on insulation to use, little tips to insure I did the job right the first time, an estimation on how many boards of drywall, boxes of screws, and time to complete the job.

Basically I got a rough bid on a contracting job, covering the parts and man hours in labor. Because I was looking at a hand saw. Good service would have been to point out a particular saw he preferred. He went the extra step and beyond, in my book. That’s not the first time I’ve had that experience with that store. Other employees going well above the mark in making sure I had what I needed.

I might have paid a little more for those screws I needed to fix the fence. But I’m confident that when I go back to that store, and I know I will, I’ll walk out of there with more knowledge and confidence I can take on and complete the home repairs tasks I’ve set myself.

They’ve gained my trust as a customer. Great service did that. I see that parking lot over half full nearly all the time. That store has gained the trust of several hundred people, so they are busy often. Lots of customers in and out spending cash. Ultimately, that’s their goal, and they are succeeding admirably.

And see, word of mouth advertising? Just spent several paragraphs on how good they are at giving great service. How much would that sort of advertising cost, and they got it for free!

Why give great service? Why is it important? Your customers trust you, they keep coming and back, and they bring friends! Those friends come back, and they bring in more people.

That’s why great service is so vitally important. Run a search for bad customer service, you’ll find list after list after list. You’ll see the same names cropping up. You may not find as many lists for great service, and that is a failing, I think.

Great service is now expected, we only notice the bad. We need to take equal notice of the great, and get that word out there.

There’s a challenge for you, in the next week, make one post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, some method about one instance of great customer service. Give credit where credit is due!


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