The 5 W’s of Great!!! Service – What

So today, What…great customer service, of course

From my previous post, the basic definition from assistance and other resources that a company provides to the people who buy or use its products or services. 

Rather a meager explanation isn’t it?

The question becomes then, what makes great customer service.

We can all identify what doesn’t. Not getting the help you need, feeling angry, let down, that you’re no better off than before asking for assistance.

Conversely then, good customer service would be when you leave satisfied, confident, your mind at ease.

Great customer service also depends on the situation. Think about it this way:

You are out to eat, just you and your significant other. Now, do you want a waiter who’s checking on you every 3 minutes, chatty, overly familiar? Or would you prefer a waiter who’s attentive, but not intrusive, and lets you focus on each other for the evening?

Now, let’s say you’re out with a group, after winning a softball game. Which waiter do you want then?

The waiter who hangs back is not going to give as good service, or perceived service, as the chatty one who’s checking up often, etc.

What defines great service varies on the situation, and the customer. You’ll learn to read people, their body language, not just what they say but how they say it. These clues will help you to provide each customer great service.


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