Customer Service Tip

Good customer service… It something that I see slipping, slowly but surely, as we get more connected via email, Twitter, Facebook, texting. As it becomes easier and faster to communicate, the standards for professional behavior have to be in the forefront.

Anyone you communicate with is a customer, whether its internal or external. Your buddy in the next cube, if you ask about anything work related, that’s your customer. The client you call to explain an email, ask a question, try to close an order, that’s your customer. Your boss when they come by asking how’s that report coming along? That’s your customer.

It’s always important to remember, whoever you communicate with, via email, phone, text, tweet; if it’s work related, that is YOUR CUSTOMER! Make your communication the way you would expect if someone is communicating with you.

This is easy enough to remember when you’re dealing with an actual customer, a Client. Even if you have a good, relaxed, relationship with that Client, that’s a CLIENT! so most communications are written with that in mind.

It becomes very important to remember that people you work with are also your customers. Just because an email you send isn’t going to be seen by an external customer doesn’t mean you should lower your standards or expectations. Don’t write an email to someone as if you were their boss when you aren’t. Don’t be too casual even if it’s a friend. Keep language professional, use the right spelling and grammar. At some point, any email you’ve sent out can be pulled up and reviewed. Is that email you’re about to send something you’d want the CEO to look at?

If that person on the other end of your communication is someone you think is an idiot, a moron, how do they keep their job here? None of that matters. That person is your customer, so address them that way.

All you can do is keep in mind that each person you communicate with is your customer. Treat them the way you want to be treated as a customer, and you’ll rarely make a misstep in your communications.


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